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Policies and Regulations PDF Print E-mail
  • These rules govern Private Lessons at AILI office only. If you would like to explore having Lessons online or at your/another location please contact us forĀ  details.
  • payment in full and at least 1 business day in advance is required to schedule a Private Lesson, pre-scheduled lessons are not confirmed until we receive payment in full, classes are schedule on a first come first served basis
  • a 24-hour (=1 business day) notice is required to cancel or reschedule a Private Lesson
  • cancellation or reschedule requests have to be placed with the office, if the teacher provides you with a cell phone number, you can cancel with him/her as a secondary, courtesy measure
  • a timely cancellation preserves your credit and allows you to reschedule for a later date
    late or same-day cancellations will be billed at full price (equals forfeit of money paid for that class)
  • a 2-hour minimum is required for any Private Lesson
  • 1-hour Private sessions are permitted only for 'onsite' classes (at AILI offices) and only in the instance when the Private Lesson immediately precedes or follows another already-existing class. Should that already-existing class get canceled or rescheduled, the 1-hour session gets automatically canceled as well, unless you choose to extend to 2 hours
  • All scheduling of future classes has to happen through to office, to ensure teacher and classroom availability. You are welcome to pre-schedule with the teacher directly, however please obtain final confirmation from the front desk staff.
  • Unless you arrange your schedule at time of registration, open-ended classes (pre-paid bulk packages) are subject to teacher availability.
  • 7:30-9:30pm time slots are made available for Private Lessons only conditionally:
  • scheduled on a first come first served basis
  • any class running later than 7:30pm is offered to you on a non-permanent, non-recurring basis; please confirm class by class
  • Group Classes have priority, if a Group Class gets confirmed for a day when you have a confirmed Private Lesson colliding with the 7:30-9:30pm time slot, we will ask you to reschedule.
  • we reserve the right to charge higher rates for 7:30-9:30pm Private Lessons.
  • pricing is quoted ahead and confirmed at time of registration; if you request to change the type of class you are taking please contact the office and obtain pricing details: classes held at AILI offices and online (Skype etc) are billed at the same rate; offsite classes are billed at higher rates determined on a case by case basis (depending on location, schedule, total amount of hours)
  • all classes are non-refundable after the registration date
  • credit for not-taken classes never expires and can be used towards other languages, online lessons, other services or transferred to another person

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